Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art
Jay Heikes
Date: 2007
Medium: Wood, string, bronze, hardware, enamel, latex and coconut
Object number: 2012.3.11
Photograph by John Bentham.
Jeffrey Gibson
Date: 2015
Medium: Found canvas punching bag, repurposed wool army blanket, glass beads, plastic beads, steel studs, artificial sinew, nylon fringe, tin cones, and steel chain
Object number: 2016.5
Photograph by David Revette.
Greta Pratt
Date: 2000
Medium: Lambda print on paper
Object number: 2009.1
Airplane (Bird in Space)
Peter Coffin
Date: 2003-2006
Medium: Mixed media
Object number: 2012.3.10
Photograph by John Bentham.
Firelei Báez
Date: 2013
Medium: Pigmented abaca, cotton, and linen with radiograph opaque ink on abaca base sheet
Object number: 2016.7
Photograph by John Bentham.
Alex Hay
Date: 2006
Medium: Spray acrylic and stencil on linen
Object number: 2012.3.7
Photograph by David Revette.
Ena Swansea
Date: 2005
Medium: Oil and graphite on linen
Object number: 2012.3.19
Back and Beyond
William Wegman
Date: 1998
Medium: Digital print with acid dye on silk twill
Object number: 2007.2
Photograph by David Revette.
Rob Fischer
Date: 2006
Medium: Aluminum
Object number: 2012.3.6
Butcher of Distinction
Sean Paul
Date: 2005
Medium: Printed fabric on stretcher
Object number: 2012.3.17
Cell Column
Beverly Pepper
Date: c. 1980
Medium: Cor-ten steel
Object number: 2017.6
Chouenine: Chocolate Constructivist Layered City with Ochre Exhaust System and Garden Escape Routing with Circle Habitats and Magnetic Results
Dannielle Tegeder
Date: 2013
Medium: Gouache, ink, colored pencil, graphite, and pastel on paper
Object number: 2013.1